How to transport pets[The InfoGraphics List]

In Animal, Health, Transportation on April 16, 2013 at 2:56 PM

how to transport pets

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  2. Working (a.o.) as a security officer at an international airport also screening luggage and working sometimes in the transport zones, I have seen already terrible things with animals in transit.

    I would recommend not to let your animals go on a plane if it is not really necessary. Please do Avoid such a cruelty to animals.

    • Thats why i travel by car all the time.I have seen people handling pets in a terrible way(sometimes feels odd to call such people humans)

      • My personal impression is that those people are more concerned about themselves and not so much interested in the well-being of their ‘precious’ animal.

        In the Dutch language we speak about the “mensdom” for ‘man(kind)’ literally translated man-stupidness.

        We also travel by car and take the dog with us, giving a stop at regular intervals and time for him to run around.

      • Thats a good practice,I also follow the same while travelling. Good for both, the dog and the master.

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